Established in 2009, Movers201 a Family Owned & Operated, Founder Mr. Even-Ezra upholds the highest standards in the moving industry, running the company like an elite unit in the armed forces with superior training and utmost respect provided to each member of the Movers 201 team. Amir has over 25 years’ experience in the industry with duties including those as Mover, Foreman, On-Site Estimator, Relocation Consultant, and Project and Company Manager. He has successfully managed small and large projects including the relocation of Schools, Malls, Hospitals, Industrial Facilities, Entire Residential Buildings, and Thousands of Homes, Apartments, and Offices. His quick solution to any unique situation and personal attention to each detail of your move will allow you to relax with the assurance your belongings are in good hands.

Movers201 has set itself apart from other companies by providing personal attention to every customer starting with an on-site visit by our relocation consultant. He will perform a detailed survey of all items to be moved, will provide solutions to any unique circumstances, and will answer any questions you may have. Unlike many other companies who provide an unrealistic estimate, Movers201 will leave you with an Honest Price for all services with No Hidden Fees.

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The Founder

As a long-time resident of Bergen county and as the place I’ve chosen to raise my family, I’ve decided to concentrate my business here and focus on serving my neighbors and the surrounding 201 area code population. By focusing on this specific area, I am able to provide more personal attention to every customer and to the details of each and every move. I can personally visit moves in progress each day and will show up asap in the event of any problem or customer concern.

As the owner of this company, I also pledge to provide personal attention and respect to each Movers201 employee. I believe a happy workforce equal a happy customer. Each member of our team will in turn provide personal attention and utmost respect to all customers, their belongings, and surrounding neighbors, as well as to company vehicles and equipment, and to each other. The Movers201 team will leave you feeling at ease and confident your belongings are in good hands.

I’ve been working in the moving and transportation industry for over 25 years and believe my knowledge can greatly benefit your moving experience. I guarantee your complete satisfaction. Please give us a call anytime so we can guide and help with your upcoming move.

Amir Even-Ezra

Founder & CEO


The Honest System is the Way I Choose Running My Moving Company.

As we all know the moving industry is suffering from a bad image, which create over the years by bad companies owners and become even worse as technology took over As today most new business coming thru the internet, consumers that looking for movers place their info on line and expecting to receive their moving quote on-line quick

They do get a quick respond but completely inaccurate, they harry to choose the lowest moving estimate they received and not reading any info that movers sent (most people just looking at the total estimate and comparing the final numbers)

The new consumers also like for some reason to describe everything they have as a very small and easy and would leave a lot of what they have and need to be moved out of the details they give out to the mover (a lot of the time I feel like I need to pull out the info from the customer by repeating myself and asking if that’s all they need to move)

Most moving companies actually like this miss information because it helps them to lowball the consumer and give him a very low moving estimate without telling him about any other charges that will come (big time charges) on move day

Most companies pay their foremen a commission from the extra sales he doing on move day by charging the customer for all kind of materials and other charges which will apply for stairs, long carry, extra stops, packing and warping of furniture

To avoid all this bad moving stories I choose to run my company the honest way

We offer and recommend every customer who moves more than just several pieces & some boxes a Free In-Home Estimate which gets done by me the owner, we have 100% All Inclusive Rates with absolutely No Hidden Fees or Extra Charges on Move day, if there is any extra charges you will know about them ahead of time,

We developed a state of the art Moving Cost Calculator that can provide a very accurate moving estimate once you enter your complete inventory and all other moving related details, The program was developed based on data generated from thousands of moves combined with my knowledge in the industry and you’ll get a very realistic honest moving price,

Our Sales staff has years of experience as movers in the field and we do not lowball or hide any info from our customers, most of the time we will hear from the customer that they received estimates much lower then what we give them and that they don’t think their job will take that long, Sorry but the low estimate you received is a lowball estimate with tons of extra hidden charges and “let me tell you” to move your 3 bedroom house does not take 4-5 hours!

Bottom line the Honest System is the right system and you know it

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